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Lp to CDI am that type that like that old school LP to CD music.I still got those old lps and cassette tapes hidden away in my storage house. Every once and a while I would dust off the old record player and play that good old music. Nothing could beat those good old cassette players and record players.

This past christmas I was thinking about what I could get my mother for a gift.I knew she liked that old school music and had many albums and I had a few cassettes on hand. She love listening to the radio. So I thought to myself what if I could get a machine that does all three especially record vinyl to CD. So what went on a little journey to find that perfect componet to fit that need. I searched far and low on the internet to find something that I think she would like. Good vinyl to CD programs or cassette to CD programs are hard to find.

Now when I do research on products that I like or want to buy, I really drill down on the specifics. I research every little detail,all the pros and cons. I read every review and watch every video I can especially on youtube. In doing all that research I want to reveal the perfect product The Crosley Product line that can transfer Lp to cd, record cassettes to CDs.

Background Information on Crosley LP to CD Player

Crosley CD recorders are the next generation of record players revolutionizing the preservation of vinyl to CD or cassette to CD music collections. Requiring no gadget or gizmo, Capturing those cherished albums directly onto a compact disc or digital computer file is simple. While their recorders may look retro, they feature enough modern-day gadgetry to make anyone marvel. As if the recorder  weren’t enough, they also round out the assortment by including technology such as CD players, AM/FM radio and cassette decks. Crosley has taking care of all of the particulars, leaving only one decision to be made selecting your favorite style.

What to Look for When you want to transfer LP to CD or cassette to CD

Must have a Turntable
Be able to burn LP and cassettes to a CD
AM and FM Radio
Portable Audio Ready-Simply Plug In Your Portable Audio Device Or MP3 Player
3 speed turntable and a place for your cassette

What I like the Most about Crosley LP to CD

Play and convert old records and tapes to CD-R and RW
This amazing CD recorder allows you to record albums, radio and cassetes to a CD!
Features include a programmable 20 track memory, repeat function and 3 speed belt driven turntable
Makes a Perfect Gift just ask my mom.

Some Weak Point about LP to CD

Does not get the sound like the big systems
Tiny on buttons
Arm on the phono player doesn't stop at the end of the record

Overall I was quite happy with the purchase. I highly recommend it if you want a system that has a nice  value and is a little out of the ordinary by today's standards. (Who plays records anymore? its totally cool)

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